4 Ways to Find Windows 10 Control Panel Location and How to Run it


Touch the control panel to touch the software and hardware controls of your computer. In particular, we'll look at three ways to find out where the control panel is—to control your settings, user accounts, system recovery and management tools, graphics, sound, and the Internet.

The location of the control panel is common to all versions of Windows, but for Windows 10 (Windows 10), it's a lot different, but let's find out how to find it easily.

First Location-Web and Windows Search

Next to the Start menu is the Web and Windows search function, which later supports the Korean secretary voice command Cortana function and helps you search the web and find all files easily by typing control panel. There is.

Second position-keyboard window logo + X (keyboard shortcut)

In Windows 8, the original Start menu disappeared and I used it a lot. In Windows 10, the Start menu was revived, but pressing the Windows logo + X key on the keyboard shows all the key functions, and you can see the control panel.

3rd position-Start menu

You can see that the Control Panel is located in the All apps-> Windows system path in the Start menu that was revived in Windows 10. It can be pinned to the Start screen or pinned to the taskbar for quick and convenient use.

4th position-control command

The position is just a command, so even if you do not open the Run window by pressing Logo + X, open the Run window by pressing Logo + R, and enter the control command to open the control panel.

If you run only one of the methods mentioned, the control panel will run.

If you want to create an icon on your desktop, go to the post below and create a default icon.

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