Android background data limit, reduce data consumption - Galaxy based

Unlike the iPhone, we use the Android smartphone to install and use the required apps (applications). After using the app, we use the task manager or the back button to exit the app! But here some apps are not completely terminated but reside completely in the background, that is, memory.

Even if you don't use your smartphone, it consumes a small amount of data, but it also affects battery consumption.

Select Settings-> Data Usage Menu
If you limit once, it will not run again, so you may not be able to receive messages such as alarms such as katok or SNS in real-time.

1) Go to Settings and select Data Usage.

(Galaxy based, other models may have a slightly different setup menu location.)

Restrict all app background data

2) If you check the background data limit item by selecting the menu, all the apps currently running and running in the memory will be forcibly shut down and not run again.

Restrict this app background data

3) If it is a specific app instead of all apps, if you go down, you will see an app that uses a lot of data. If you select the desired app and check the background data limit at the bottom, only this app, which is resident in memory and keeps running, will be forcibly shut down and not be revived, thus reducing the consumption.

This shows how to reduce data consumption by limiting Android background data.

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