How To Clean Up Old Windows Update Files 2019


I often get a lot of important Windows security updates while I'm on my computer, but suddenly the capacity is getting smaller, so even if I delete unnecessary programs, Windows Update keeps filling up! Capacity can be a waste! At this time, you need to find the leftover file after the update that takes up the capacity.

The reason for the update is that the file size of the win SxS folder has increased due to accumulated piles of update files. This is the basic cleanup function of the system.

As we use our computers to download, write, and delete files, as well as file fragments, or debris, update files are also downloaded and installed.

Increasingly serious, the gigabyte win SxS folder contents are freed up to free up system capacity!

How to Clean Up Old Windows Updates

1) Go to My PC File Explorer and right-click on the C drive and select Properties.

2) Then you will see the space you are using and the available space. Click the Disk Cleanup button below it.

3) Then, calculate the size of all file waste while using the system.

(It may take some time depending on the system specifications.)

4) With the downloaded program file item checked, click the Clean Up System Files button at the bottom.

5) Then the related system waste files will be scanned and recalculated.

(It may take some time depending on the system specifications.)

6) Check the Windows Update Cleanup item to delete and click the OK button.

(In Windows 7 or later, find the service pack backup file item and check it.)

7) Then you will be asked if you want to delete the file completely.

8) Then, the old Windows update waste files remaining in the system will be cleaned up to free up space.

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