Ransomware Prevention Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox Flash Blocker


Domestic ransomware viruses are very popular these days. Once it takes a while, all the important files are encrypted and it's scary to use the internet, but now ransomware variants are spreading rapidly from Japan.

Ransomware infection is mainly a flash vulnerability. This flash has long been talkative enough to be blocked by Apple. It also affects computer performance, which is now a version upgrade, but still unstable. Adobe has now made a recommendation for deprecation.

So I want to block Flash Player in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Should we do this? Isn't it Oba! I can say that, but now that the situation has come to a degree of security insecurity, I'll use this method to find out how to prevent ransomware.

Internet Explorer 11 Flash Block

Internet Explorer 11 or older users will no longer support the older security patch in January 2016. We strongly suggest that you update to the newest version.

1) Run Internet Explorer 11 and press gear in the top menu to select the add-on management menu.

2) When the Manage Add-ons window appears, select Shockwave Flash Object from the list and select Off to completely block the flash. If you want to use it, select Reuse.

Google Chrome 11 Flash Blocker

Currently, Google Chrome uses Flash as a click-to-play method, but now let's turn it off and set it to work when you want.

1) Run Google Chrome and tap the menu next to the address bar to select the Settings menu.

2) Then, various settings appear. It is a bit cumbersome and difficult to find one by one.

3) When you find the double plug-in item, "Please select when to run the plug-in content." Choose an option. If you want to disable it completely, you can disable it permanently through exception management.

4) Then, you can confirm that the flash is blocked and only the site can be allowed as shown below.

Mozilla Firefox Flash Blocker

In Firefox, Flash is not installed by default, but we will make the plug-in work only if you want it like Chrome under the assumption that it is installed in the Korean web environment.

1) Run Firefox and select the Add-ons menu.

2) Find Shockwave Flash in the list of plugins and select Runtime Check. Select Disable if you do not want to use it at all.

3) Then, the flash will be blocked at the time of playing.

I've learned how to block Flash on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, except Opera. Ransomware prevention, but be careful when accessing other websites.

Ransomware continues to spread as a variant, but I do not know when it will end, but if you want to prevent the web environment of our country, but it is impossible to replace it with HTML5 technology, there is no security problem.

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