Use The Anti-Theft, Security and Access Protection Tools To Be More Secure


In today's article, we present an update of the anti-theft block, security and data protection of our Free Tools section. If you bet on cybersecurity, protect your devices and your information with our tools.
One of the main objectives that we set ourselves from the OSI, is to make users aware so that they make safe and responsible use of the Internet and the devices they use in their day today. For this, we need to train them on good practices and inform them of those they should avoid if they do not want to fall into the hands of cybercriminals. Therefore, we believe it is basic that in addition to having theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to know how to put them into practice and for that, it is essential to know how to use the right tools.

All the tools that we put at your disposal have been analyzed by our team, which guarantees its correct operation without neglecting the privacy and security of the users.

Within this section, we can find tools that are divided into three different groups that we detail below:

Remote access

These types of tools allow access to a device that we do not have physical access to and use it as if we had it in front. These types of tools will only work when both devices are connected to the Internet. Thanks to this type of tool we can access for example from our smartphones to our home computer and download a document to our mobile.

Another advantage of this type of application is that many of them are cross-platform, this means that from my computer, with macOS operating system I can access another computer with Windows operating system, or a phone with an Android or iOS operating system.

Free remote access tools

Anti-theft device
These tools serve to act quickly and effectively in a situation of loss or theft of the device. The features presented by these tools are very varied, from the geolocation of the device, making screenshots, and even deleting all the information it contains, remotely, guaranteeing the protection of our privacy.

There are anti-theft tools for the most used operating systems so there is no excuse for not protecting them, and remember, in case of theft we will not try to recover the device ourselves, first we will go to the State Security Forces and Bodies.

Free anti-theft tools

If you want to get more information about two of these tools, specifically Android Device Manager and Find my iPhone, visit the following article:

Anti-theft measures for Android and iOS


Firewalls are tools that are responsible for controlling the connections established by our device, protecting it from both malicious users and malware.

Free firewall tools

Tips for choosing the right tool
Select the tool that best suits your needs and is compatible with your operating system.
Install only the necessary tools, not having more our equipment will be safer since it could even become counterproductive.
If you have any questions about the tool that best suits your needs, do not hesitate and contact us through our contact form.
The total number of tools in this section amounts to thirty-one, so I am sure that some of them fit your needs. So, there is no excuse not to start using them.

And you, do you know any other tools that we don't have in our section? Tell us about your experience with a comment.

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