What To do If Your Mobile Is Stolen Lets Know


The other major drawback of the theft or loss of a mobile device is the information. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this risk is marked by two different aspects, on the one hand, the actual loss of the information, and on the other, the dissemination that can be made of it.

Preventing the loss of information is relatively simple. First of all, you have to have backup copies, stored outside the device. We have already detailed in the OSI blog how to make backup copies on both Android and iOS.

On the other hand, to prevent access to content and prevent the dissemination of information, it would be necessary to:

Set a PIN code on the SIM card.

Do not eliminate the system protections established by the developer or manufacturer, we are talking about Rooting or Jailbreak.
Set a screen lock with the shortest possible waiting time, use a secure password, better than a simple pattern or PIN. With iOS, we have to be careful with the lock code configuration.
Data encryption, both the device and the storage card in case you have it.
Install some application or remote erase system.
Other considerations:

If the phone has a robust password screen lock, canceling the SIM will not allow calls or data connections to be locked, and the device location services may not work.

If the phone is not locked or has an unlock pattern configured or uses a weak password, we should inform our telephone company as soon as possible, since we run the risk of being used to make phone calls, which prevent them from being international, with the cost that this implies, or to download large amounts of information from the Internet.

Finally, if the incident occurs, it is advisable to report to the State Security Forces and Bodies to take the measures they deem appropriate.

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