Windows Product Key Verifier-KeyFinder, Windows Key Verification


When you lose your Windows product key, you usually contact MS Microsoft to reissue your Windows product key. Of course, this is only true and you can check the registered product key directly on your PC without contacting MS. (Check the register directly from your PC without having to contact the MS)

One of the easiest ways is to find your product key with a program called KeyFinder. (A program called KeyFinder can find out the product key.)

Find out your Windows product key

(The key brand OEM manufacturers (LG, Samsung, etc.) is also available all OK.)

1) First of all, go to the [KeyFinder Link] and click the free version [Download] button to download and install [keyfinder] program.

(Go to the website free version of [Download] button [keyfinder] program [Install])

2) You must check all [Create a desktop shortcut / Create a Quick Launch shortcut] item during the installation process.

3) Then you can see below [Windows operating system] and [CD key] is [Product Key]. ([CD key] is part [Product Key])

4) To close the program, press the [Close] button among the Try and Close menus. If you click Try, the Paid version is installed, which has a time limit.

We briefly looked at the KeyFinder program for how to identify your Windows product key. If you are a genuine Windows 8.1 / 10 upgrade and FPP first-time user, please log in with your MS account.

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