Blue Screen Error Code Analysis BlueScreenView program.

If you use a PC, you will receive various error messages at once. The most serious of these is the blue screen, which can be caused mainly by collisions with hardware, software, and drivers.

Most computer AS practitioners uses blue screens to see the cause and analyze the cause and check various mechanical and software items. If this happens to me, I may try searching and fixing it based on the error code.

However, it can be seen immediately after rebooting or being forced to shut down. If Windows is booted normally, the BlueScreenView program can analyze the error code, find the cause, and come up with a solution accordingly.

Blue Screen Error Analysis BlueScreenView

Receive and install a portable (no installation) or installation file. I downloaded it as a portable archive. I unpacked it, got the language pack, and put it in its place.

1) You can download the English language pack by searching English with Ctr + F key.

2) After extracting the language pack, run the BlueScreenView program.

3) Then, various blue screen records that have been opened up. Among these, I value 'bug check string' or 'bug check code'.

4) Double click to see the detailed error information about why a blue screen error occurred.

If you want to know the cause of the problem, you can search Google by right-clicking.

6) Then all kinds of solutions can be solved by Google search.

7) And you can see the XP style blue screen through option. You see a familiar screen.

The error is the most serious part of the blue screen, but there are many ways to solve it easily. Most of them can be solved by reinstalling Windows, but some cases may not be solved.

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