How to log in Automatically When Booting Windows 8.1


If you install Windows 8.1 and create an MS Mail account or local account and enter the password, you will have to enter the password manually instead of logging in automatically when Windows boots. You must enter a password.

But there is one way to log in automatically when Windows boots! It's a useful tip! In other words, I will tell you how to automatically log in to your Windows account.

How to log in automatically at Windows boot

Passwords are very important for security, but there are many cases of inconvenience, so let's find out how to log in automatically.

1) Enter the Control userpasswords2 command by pressing the keyboard logo + R key and press the OK button.

2) A user account window pops up. Please check if the Windows login account you are using is correct and uncheck the option 'Use a user name and password to use this computer' at the top and click the OK button.

3) Then, the automatic login window pops up. If you enter the current password twice and press the OK button, Windows will boot automatically without asking for the password.

This shows you how to automatically log in passwords when booting Windows 8.1.

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