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If you have a lot of appointments while working in the company, you have a lot of appointments with important people, or you need to take notes every time you post a note on your monitor. is. But if you use the desktop calendar program, it will be less likely now.

This desktop calendar program is free and allows you to manage your schedule on your desktop, so it's easy to take notes even if you have an anniversary.


  Desktop Calendar DesktopCal Program

You can download and install the desktop calendar simply by going to

1) When the installation is completed, the calendar is displayed on the desktop.

2) If you double click on the date, you can memo the schedule.

3) You can easily move by month. On the left-hand cloud menu, you can sync data but you need an account.

4) You can adjust the calendar position.

All schedules can be backed up and restored to a file and printed.

6) Enter the setting menu, you can set week number, month display, maximum row, past week display, shadow display, and set cell color and transparency font.

If you want to go back, click Restore to default to return to the initial settings.

7) If you select the 'More Settings' menu, you can set the day of rest, important holidays, and whether it is displayed in the lunar calendar or 24 seasons.

It's light so I can use it on low specs. I'd like to check my busy schedule right away on my desktop.

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