Windows PE Boot Image Builder AOMEI PE Builder System Maintenance

There are many cases where the computer fails to boot or you need to reinstall Windows due to a system error. So important data is often difficult to recover. However, at this point, Windows PE is an OS that can fix system errors and even recover.

The AOMEI PE Builder program allows you to create and boot a boot image with Windows PE to fix errors, repair, or reinstall the currently installed OS. It can be run independently, allowing you to boot from anywhere at any time, typically via USB, and fix any failures in the current system.

What is Windows PE?

Abbreviation for Windows Preinstallation Environment, Windows Preinstallation Environment. It helps to install Windows.

When installing Windows, it is a temporary OS for running the installation program. It is a short version of Windows that can run simple programs by collecting only the necessary functions.

Drive Windows PE boot image creation

This program is a freeware free of charge and anyone can easily recover the system maintenance.

1) Go to [Link] and scroll down to the bottom to find AOMEI PE Builder. Click the Download Freeware button to download and install.

It supports Windows 7/8 / 8.1 and Windows Server 2008R2 / 2012, so other versions of Windows may not be installed.

2) Run the program and press the NEXT >> button.

3) Click Next >> button to continue to create the boot image.

4) To select a program to use and add additional external programs, add them through the Add Files menu. Similarly, add drivers through the Add Drivers menu.

5) Select whether to make CD / DVD, USB or ISO image file among removable media. Here I recommend burning directly to USB via the USB Boot Device option.

6) Then just start burning the various bootable files to create a PE boot image on the selected drive.

7) When the computer is turned on again and the PE booted from the burned drive, the screen for system maintenance repair will appear.

8) System There are various recovery tools to recover Windows and fix errors. You can immediately reinstall your current Windows.

It is highly recommended to use Windows PE in case of any system error you do not know, and it is recommended to burn it to USB or CD / DVD.

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