How To Disable and Enable Windows 10 Firewall Security

By default, the Windows 10 OS has a built-in firewall to protect your network, and it's always on unless you touch it. Depending on the network information, hackers and malicious programs may prevent the computer from being used maliciously.

Vaccines are important, but the operating system itself monitors the network to protect your computer by blocking some known, untrusted, or unsafe traffic.

Let's turn off and turn on Windows 10 Firewall

Turning off the firewall can be a dangerous situation, such as always opening the front door of your home. However, depending on the situation, some app programs may not work properly when you need them.

1) Search the Control Panel through the Magnifier menu next to the Start menu on the taskbar.

2) When the Control Panel opens, select the System and Security menu. If your screen is slightly different, make sure View by is selected as the category at the top.

3) Go to System and Security, there are several menus related to security, where you select Windows Defender Firewall.

4) The firewall is set by default, so it is marked with a green shield. Select the left Windows Defender Firewall on or off-menu.

5) Select the Disable Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) option under the Private Network / Public Network item and click the OK button.

6) The current security status changes to a red shield X. To recover again, simply select the Use recommended settings menu.

7) If you want to turn it off completely, or if you are concerned about security, select the Allow apps or features menu through the left Windows Defender Firewall.

8) Then select the Change Settings button at the top.

9) Then you can allow or disable the firewall for that app.

Some app programs may not work by the firewall, but if you keep them open, you can access your computer.

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