How to Allow Windows 10 apps to Use Your Microphone


Each Windows 10 app (program) may require microphone permissions. Not all apps do this, but for some specific purpose, I use it to brief myself while gaming (or not very well) or use the microphone when recording with a recording program.

If the microphone doesn't work, you'll be able to determine whether it's broken by reinstalling the driver or reinstalling the OS, but the important thing here is to take a look at the microphone privacy settings.

Allow Windows 10 apps to use your microphone

If you allow the use of an app microphone, voice-related programs can use the microphone and headset. This can also help you to avoid recording or not making a voice call.

1) Press the Win + i key, but select the Gear Settings menu by clicking the Start menu button on the taskbar for an explanation.

2) When the Windows Settings window appears, select the Personal Information (Location, Camera) menu indicated by the lock icon at the bottom.

3) It's a bit complicated on the left side of the menu, but if you look down, select the Microphone menu under App permissions.

4) Then select the On option to allow apps to access the microphone.

Then you can see apps that do not use the microphone are working properly.

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