How to Delete Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11 From Window


Edge With the new web browser in Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 can now be removed. Even before Windows 7, the edge was released, and Explorer was included by default.

Microsoft's attempts to push to the edge continue to be seen and continue to add functionality. There was a moment when explorer almost disappeared when Windows 10 came out, but it seemed to have been destroyed because of Korea's ActiveX web environment.

Deleting Internet Explorer 11

If you do not want to install ActiveX due to the problem of the Any country web environment, you can delete Internet Explorer 11, but think about it a little more.

1) In the Start menu, there is a browser named 'Internet Explorer' in 'Windows Accessories'.

2) Right-click on the Start button or press Win + X to select the Apps & Features menu.

3) When the Apps and Features window appears, go to the bottom and select the 'Programs and Features' menu.

4) When the Programs and Features window appears, select the menu with the shield 'Turn Windows features on or off'.

5) 'Internet Explorer 11' option is checked by default in the Windows function list. Click again to uncheck it.

6) Click the 'Yes' button when an exclamation mark appears that may affect the function or program currently installed on the computer.

7) Click the 'OK' button to finally uninstall Internet Explorer 11.

8) When finished, press the 'Restart' button to finish.

9) After rebooting, you will see the Internet Explorer browser is deleted in Windows Accessories in the Start menu.

If the program you are currently using does not have Explorer and you are having problems or need to use it again, you can reinstall it in the same way.

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