How to connect a Windows 10 Wireless Network all in One Printer, Scanner


I have lived without a printer for the past year, so it was just inconvenient when I wasn't there and it was okay even if I had no rest. Prior to this, I had to break down and dispose of it carelessly, so I will order the multifunction device again this time and promise to use it myself so that it will not break down again.

Let's assume that you are connecting wirelessly via a router, not a USB connection. Each manufacturer's setting method may be different, so please refer to the manual.

Let's connect Windows 10 network MFP

If you want to use the printer through only one computer, you will need to configure the IP address and separate network settings. Let's connect a wireless all-in-one.

1) First, open the Windows Settings window and select the Device menu. The settings window can be accessed by searching in the taskbar and opened via the Win key + I key.

2) When you select the Printers & Scanners menu, there is a + Add button. Press the Add button.

3) Then you can see it searched right on the network. The name of the product you installed will appear. Press the Add Device button.

4) Added and ready to print. If you want to control various functions from your PC, you can install drivers and utilities from the enclosed CD or each manufacturer's homepage.

We've focused on the easiest of the many situations. If it is not detected on the network, you may need to install a separate IP and driver.

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