Again Investigated By His Left Ankle, The Wolfsheim Triple Jumper Benjamin

Again investigated by his left ankle, the Wolfsheim triple jumper Benjamin Compaore will not return to the open air, at best, until the beginning of July at the France Elite championships in Albi. Combative, he nevertheless keeps the objective of qualifying for Euro 2018 in Berlin.

Again Investigated By His Left Ankle, The Wolfsheim Triple Jumper Benjamin

It’s a nagging refrain. The common thread of career. A thorn in the side with which he almost came into the world as a top athlete. A thorn in the foot? In the ankle instead. The left, the one that naturally supports him when attacking the pulse board of the triple jump.

<Nadal's doctor at his bedside>

Torn by more or less significant pain season after season, Benjamin Compaore does not cut it either this year. Except that by dint of running undercover, the 30-year-old Wolfisheimois no longer gets the same benefits as in the past. On the contrary. These repeated corticosteroid treatments have left a field of ruins behind them. So much so that the pain is now almost constant, even when I do not do specific sessions jump in training, testifies the double selected Olympic 2012, 2016. After the French indoor championships this winter Editor's note: bronze medalist with 16.39 m at Lievin, I told myself that it was no longer possible to continue like this. Getting beaten when I also feel my best, it has become very hard psychologically. 

The 2014 European, outdoor champion, therefore, set out to find new solutions. One of them drove the Alsatian to Spain, to Vitoria precisely, to Dr. Mikel Sanchez, a leading specialist in injections of PRP - platelet-rich plasma. The practitioner has notably dealt with tennis player Rafael Nadal, who has not been spared from injuries in recent years either.

The idea is to rebuild my ankle because the infiltrations have burnt everything to the bone and cartilage, explains Benjamin Compaore. Their twelve days of internship in Italy in April were not a long calm river. A first intraosseous PRP injection performed on May 3. It remains to make two or three others intra-articular. The first took place on Monday; the next will take place next Tuesday. I already feel a difference, but maybe it's psychological, I don't know. In the meantime, I'm working on what I can, between weight training, cycling, and soon swimming pool. 

<An accelerated recovery>

In theory, you have to wait two months after the first intraosseous injection before you can use it. But in the case of Compaore, whose objective remains to qualify for the European Championships in Berlin - 6-12 August, a return to training in early July would have meant nothing.

The former standard-bearer of ASPTT Strasbourg, now licensed at CA Montreuil 93, therefore chose to anticipate two or three weeks, with the medical agreement.

<It's a great challenge; there will be adrenaline.>

The goal is to participate in the France Elite championships July 6-8, in Albi, he said. There will necessarily be technical deficiencies because I will miss benchmarks at all levels. But I've been doing triple jump for fifteen years, I know I can come back quickly. I've already done it. It's a great challenge; there will be adrenaline, motivation. Afterward, if I see that I am limited, I will give up for this season. I will not go to Berlin if I do not feel that I can perform there.

As a reminder, the performance deadline for going to Euro 2018 has set for July 22, inclusive by the French Athletics Federation. The minima for the men's triple jump are 16.90 m. Widely in the strings of Benjamin Compaore. At its best.

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