As In The French Cup, The MPBA And Dax-Gamarde Had To Go Through It Last Night With The Extension

As in the French Cup, the MPBA and Dax-Gamarde had to go through it last night with the extension. But this time, it was the Haut-Rhinois who gave in on the wire 80-75, in the semi-final of the Final Four of N2.

As In The French Cup, The MPBA And Dax-Gamarde Had To Go Through It Last Night With The Extension

Jean-Luc Monschau’s players were knocked out in the semi-finals of the French National 2 championship by Dacquoise, supported by many supporters who had deployed a tifo before kick-off. In a match where the address was not there, the Alsatians gave in extra time.

After May-Thompson opened the scoring, the Mulhouse lost two against Ramassamy, and the Landais led by Garcia Urbina led 11-4 5th. Grebongo hit the bull's eye at three points, but the Landes did not give up 15-7, 7th. Experienced Gauthier Darrigand, a former GIS leader, and the inevitable Garcia Urbina widened the gap 19-9. Willig found the target beyond 

6m75, and the Haut-Rhin players returned in the match 19-14. But Mansanne replied in the same exercise 22-14, 10th.

The two teams were feverish. Grebongo and Sarkis brought Mulhouse to 22-18. The blunders multiplied on both sides. Garcia Urbina and Darrigand continued to carry their team. The second quarter ended with an unlikely score of 10-10. At the break, everything was possible for Haut-Rhin players 32-24, provided they found more skills.

Returning from the locker room, Quentin Diehl's partners were still chasing the score 37-26, 24th. While his team conceded the most significant difference in the match, Jean-Luc Monschau took time out. A Darrigand floater kept the Dacquois at 41-33 25th, while May-Thompson suffered his fourth fault. A three-point basket from Plasse revived the Mulhousians 42-37, 27th. Grebongo was countered by Ramassamy, which did not prevent the Alsatians from passing in front 42-43, 29th. Dax took the lead thanks to Valayer before entering the last quarter 44-43.

Mansanne revived the Landais 52-43, 33rd. Garcia Urbina and Mbodj hit the nail on the head three points 58-45, 36th. But in a final burst, Mulhouse picked up at 61-59, then at 63-62 after a three-point basket from Diehl. Led 67-62, the Alsatians still hoped for an award-winning basket from Plasse 67-65. There were 17 seconds left to play. Plasse had a throw-in two 67-66. At two seconds, Darrigand put his two shots 69-66, and on the buzzer, Plasse equalized at 69-69 from the middle of the field!

During extra time, Dax did not give up to win 80-75. The Mulhousians will find Pont-de-Cheruy today for third place.

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