Author Of A Hard-Hitting Entry Into Play, Which Was At The Origin Of The Mulhouse

Author of a hard-hitting entry into play, which was at the origin of the Mulhouse jump and the equalization against Sainte-Genevieve, Saturday 1-1, the FCM winger Nassim Titebah says do not understand" the difficulties encountered by her team at the Ill stadium, where they have still not won this season.

Author Of A Hard-Hitting Entry Into Play, Which Was At The Origin Of The Mulhouse

Entering at playtime, in place of defensive midfielder Mehdi Bouhabila, Nassim Titebah was instrumental in the late awakening" of FC Mulhouse on Saturday against Sainte-Geneviève. It was, in fact, one of its many overflows on the right that the equalization signed Puerto 1-1, 82nd ​​occurred. But like most of his teammates, the young winger 22 had a hard time being satisfied with this point in the draw, knowing he had once again missed the boat at the Ill stadium. Interview

Nassim, what taste left you with this new draw - the 10th in 17 league matches - obtained on Saturday against Sainte-Genevieve?

It leaves me with the same taste as most of the matches played here: a feeling of unfinished business. We still feel the same frustration at not winning games that seem within our reach. It feels like it doesn't want to smile at us. We even had more chances than the opponent. We have this face-to-face at the end of the first half of Olavio Gomes, which can change a lot of things, but it does not fit. And behind, we get punished from the start of the second period. Afterward, as often, we pushed. I have the impression that I often see the same matches repeated. Not just at the Ill stadium, but in this N2 championship. It is closed continuously, padlocked, and it played on one or two situations.

Do you have an explanation for this lack of victory at home?

He thinks for a long time. You know what? I don't know. I don't understand. And I don't know what to answer. However, we play the same way at home as outside, where we have already won matches. We are living in a rather strange season.

I play a little less than at the start of the season, and I wanted to show what I was capable of.

From the outside, the FCM sometimes gives the impression of being too sweet and of reacting just when it is tough. Do you also have this impression?

When you're in the gallery or on the sidelines, like me on Saturday, yes, you can have that impression. You have the feeling that you are letting the opponent fall asleep a little too much. But when we are in the field, I can assure you that no one plays while walking. Everyone gives their all. But maybe subconsciously, we are not aggressive enough, I don't know. Again, I would like to provide you with specific explanations, but I don't have any. The only thing I know is that you shouldn't let go.

Your entry into the game brought salutary energy during the last twenty minutes. What were your instructions?

I knew what I had to do. We led, and we had to take risks to destabilize this defense. I had noticed from the first half that the two sides were not far from infallible and that it was perhaps necessary to provoke them more. That is what I tried to do when I entered. I tried to come in one-on-one and bring balloons into the box. I'm glad I was able to help my teammates come back. I play a little less than at the start of the season, and I wanted to show what I was capable of.

Should we be worried about the FCM in terms of maintaining N2?

Worry is not a good feeling when one is an athlete. I prefer to stay positive and tell myself that salvation will come through work. We are the first disappointed not to win in front of our supporters, but it will not get any better if we give up. We are not in the red zone; our destiny is in our hands. You have to fight, even if it's not all rosy.

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