Beaten Last Year By The World Cup Quarter-Finals By Belgium

Beaten last year by the World Cup quarter-finals by Belgium, the Blue this time took over their neighbors, after a crazy match of intensity and suspense. Tearing off the extension held a little miracle 84-80.

Beaten Last Year By The World Cup Quarter-Finals By Belgium

Damaged by their defeat last year, the French basketball players took their revenge on the Belgians 84 to 80 after extra time, this Thursday in Belgrade, by going to find the resources at the bottom of their hearts: they will play the semi-finals of the Euro for the sixth time in a row.

The road is now wide open towards a fourth consecutive final because it is the surprise guest of the last four, Great Britain, a nation without reference in basketball, which they will face on Saturday before, perhaps, to play the title against Serbia or Spain.

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The victory is infinitely sweet for multiple reasons: because there was a liability, as coach Valerie Garnier reminded us, against the Belgians. They had swept them away in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup. Because she gives France a ticket to an Olympic qualification tournament, the essential objective of this Euro And because the Blue went to get her with the guts, as Valeriane Ayayi said. We start very strong, but they come back, and they pass in front. We have the nerves to go for the extension where we are doing the work, summed up the wing, with sobs, happiness, and relief, in the voice, the emotions were so keen for 45 minutes.

After a great start +11 after a quarter, the Blue saw their delay melt +3 at the break. It took a massive performance from Sandrine Gruda 33 points, her French team record, ten rebounds, and a ferocious defense against the best Belgian, Emma Meesseman, for them to stay in the race. Five minutes from the end, it was the Belgian Cats, the rising value of European basketball, that was six points ahead.

"I'm not going to lie; at one point, we said to ourselves: No, not two summers in a row against the Belgians!, Admitted captain Endy Miyem, who had not digested the defeat of Tenerife.

But the French have not given up. We had a stable mind; it was a massive game in intensity. We mistreated, they had a lot of chances to kill the match, but we made the necessary defensive stops. We choked them at the end, said the leader Olivia Epoupa, the other big lady of the game: 13 points, nine rebounds for a player of 1.64 m, five assists, and five interceptions, including one crucial in the last moments of regulation time.

Ten seconds from the end, the French-American Bria Hartley - 13 points managed the three-point survival shot 68-68. The luck of the Belgians was over.

Passing close to the precipice, the Blue does not want to stop there. Suspicious before the match against Great Britain - if they are there it is that they deserve it, all were several to say - they dream of the gold which escaped them in the final of the three previous editions. We came for a TQO, but also something else, said Valeriane Ayayi.

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