Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

Before going to Lyon next weekend, with a leader who has further improved his success against Oyonnax, La Rochelle beat Toulouse regularly, Sunday, despite twenty minutes from 14 to 15. Clermont, Montpellier, Racing 92, and Castres also won.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

Already well handicapped by a most precarious accounting situation and a sieve defense, the red lantern bravest can only sink if it also offers cartridges to the opponent by his indiscipline.

That is indeed what caused his loss this Saturday in Mayol, at the opening of the 8th day. Judge instead: in the 39th minute, the score is 10-3 in favor of the Toulonnais, thanks to Belleau's test, after a low kick from Trinh Duc 27th.

<Toulonnais whistled>

In the 49th minute, after ten minutes playing twelve against fifteen, following a downpour of yellow cards justified for Sanconnie, Hireche, and Germain, the tests of Radradra, Bonneval and Ashton embellished a sunny bulletin board, with a score of 29-3. Without Fabien Galthie's men being fascinating.

Moreover, once the Correziens back to fifteen, the Var has indeed still scored by Lakafia, then Ashton, but they also conceded three tries, by Asieshvili, Marques, and Germain, and were dominated in the game.

To the point of being whistled by some of their supporters, despite the offensive bonus retained, despite the last assaults of Mignardi and his gang, and places him in the top 6 comforted of the RCT.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

We don't stop the leader anymore. Since its defeat at Pau on September 10, Lyon has continued to win in the Top 14 to settle at the top of the ranking. And the great series of Pierre Mignoni players continued on Saturday, in the Rhone-Alpes derby against Oyonnax.

A derby very badly started; however, since quickly, the opposing opener, Ben Botica, intercepted a transmission to spin the test and give ten points ahead of the 12th in the Top 14. What to shake the first, in this context, so particular of regional rivalry that filled Gerland? No!

Called to the Blues, Felix Lambey comes out injured.

A quarter of an hour later, the LOU was back in front after two perfect tests, from a collective point of view, by Alexis Palisson, after a ball rise of more than 70 m, then by Baptiste Couilloud, more than ever in full confidence, despite his non-selection among the Blues for the November tour.

Embarrassed by the big physical challenge imposed by the club of Ain in the first act, concluded on the score of 14-10, the Lyonnais unrolled their rugby at the return of the locker rooms and offered themselves a fourth improved victory, with Arnold, Couilloud, Clement, Armitage, and Cretin after five new tests.

The only downside is that Felix Lambey, who suffered a sprained knee with the affected internal lateral ligament, was injured. Also, the one who was to be the first international Lyonnais for 70 years, against the All Blacks, will, therefore, see his debut in Blues rejected. He will also miss the big test next week, against La Rochelle.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

Who said it was impossible to sign inferior performance? Surely not Racing! A year and a half after having been looking for the shield of Brennus at Camp Nou, against Toulon, after more than an hour of play at fourteen, the Ile-de-France gave it back on Saturday in Colombes, against Bordeaux-Begles, defeated despite the cardboard red brandished to Virimi Vakatawa at half an hour.

It all started well for the Racing against the Girondins, caught by the speed of Teddy Thomas on the 25th. But five minutes later, the UBB completely changed the course of the game, with a try scored by Ducting at the end of the line and mainly the exclusion of the French winger for a tackle-cathedral on Dubie, author of the last pass.

<Three red cards>

Led to the locker room after the quick test of the UBB, by Jalibert, the players of the Labit-Travers duo then activated the sacred union mode to completely eat their opponent in the regular, with a double of Camille Chat, including one worthy of a winger, and a third from Edwin Maka. Three is also the number of red cards in this game since a fight between Carizza and Taofifenua led the referee to exclude two new players at the end of the game.

The dynamics reversed for these two clubs: well back in the hierarchy after three successes in a row, Bordeaux-Begles sees Racing 92, which remained on three backs of the row, return to two lengths.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

Some victories are worth more than others, and in the Montpellier season, there is no doubt that the one won this evening in Pau will retain some value given the adversity encountered by the men of Vern Cotter, always deprived of many elements.

However, the production of MHR faced with an excellent section in Paloise has two faces. The first 55 minutes of the Heraultais were, if not attractive on the form, those of maximum efficiency, with three tries by Nadolo, Tomane, and, after the break, Picamoles.

The power of the championship dolphin, however, did not completely suppress the offensive impulses of the band of Simon Mannix, who delivered thunderous and stuffy last 25 minutes for the visitors. Also, with six points behind after the test of Vatubua at the hour of play, the Section multiplied the offensives at the end of the game.

Without ever finding the fault, coming up against a defense that is as well tactically organized as it humanly welded Admittedly, Montpellier has missed an offensive bonus. It, therefore, now has four lengths behind Lyon, but the MHR won much more tonight.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

The poster bringing together Marcel-Michelin the 9th and 10th of the Top 14 before this 8th day could have specific accounting importance, splitting the championship somewhat in two. The victory of the champion of France, where the international center Wesley appeared Fofana nine months after his rupture of the Achilles tendon, had the effect of making a small break in the ranking, where the Parisian club sees the ASM precede it, but with four more points.

As since the start of the season, Clermont counted its injured, this time Charlie Cassang in the role of the unfortunate, and was hardworking. And as often when the ASM does not succeed, it relied on its X factor of the start of the season, Alivereti Raka, who was enjoying a favorable rebound after a kick from Parra.

<No bonus for Clermont>

After a first act to play badly off, the second half of Auvergne, more in aggressiveness, allowed the yellow pack to push the Paris defense in force for a second try. After a reply from McLeod, who saw a mouse hole along the line, the Parisians cracked a third time in front of Fritz Lee before the term, without however conceding the offensive bonus.

It would, however, have been a good idea for the men of Franck Azema, now 15 points from LOU, and brought to go to Montpellier during the next day.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

It was a veritable rain of trials that fell on the Pierre-Fabre stadium in Castres! No less than nine achievements punctuated the meeting between two poorly classified, in a completely crazy scenario.

First act: Castres dominates registered three tries by Batlle, Dumora, and Jelonch, and Agen can only respond at the foot and is led 21-9 to the 44th.

Castres cracks. Then Agen collapses.

Second act: the people of Castres take the storm from Agen in the face for ten minutes. During this time, the cash three tries of Mauchois, Lamoulie, and Nakosi, and we think that the Agenais will run until the end 21-28.

Last act: Castres wakes up while Agen sinks. Inexplicably, the team coached by Philippe Sella loses their rugby, and this time suffers from the Castres waves. The last quarter of an hour is one-way, and Urdapilleta, Jelonch, and Dumora take care of the addition for Agen 43-28, with an offensive bonus as a bonus.

Already in bad shape, the scenario makes the defeat even more difficult to swallow for the Lot-et-Garonnais, stuck in the penultimate place and who may have trouble recovering.

Before Going To Lyon Next Weekend, With A Leader Who Has Further Improved His Success

While the two All-Black stars recruited this summer, the three-quarter Rene Ranger and the scrum-half Tawera Kerr-Barlow will soon join the Maritime workforce; La Rochelle continues to satisfy its world with its beautiful recipes.

Toulouse learned it again the hard way Sunday: faced with the high pace and the daring game of the men of Patrice Collazo and Xavier Garbajosa, who is more in front of their public of Marcel-Deflandre, where they have not lost in the league since May 2016 makes it difficult to compete. And the shock between the two Stadiums turned to the advantage of La Rochelle.

A red card a bit harsh ultimately without consequence

But at the end of the match turned upside down by the exclusion, a bit severe, of William Demotte 61st, the locals cornered during the last quarter of the game, after having been superior to the Toulousains during the first three.

At the break, although considerably hampered by the formidable ground game and the combat offered by the Stade Toulousain, the band at Victor Vito only returned to the locker room with a registered try, by the hooker Forbes, and above all four small dots gap 13-9. Before accelerating illico by regaining the field, with two power trials of Sinzelle, then Bales.

The red card shuffled the cards somewhat, with two consecutive tries from Toulouse, by Aldegheri, then Bezy. But Boughanmi added a fourth try at the best of times to secure the sixth La Rochelle success this year, before going to Lyon for an unprecedented shock at the top, on the next day.

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