Deprived Of Its Headliner, Widensolen Walker David Kuster, The Colmar National Meeting

Deprived of its headliner, Widensolen walker David Kuster, the Colmar national meeting nevertheless keeps a perfect pace, between international athletes, French sure values and usual Alsatian locomotives. See you tomorrow at the Europe stadium for an excellent show.

Deprived Of Its Headliner, Widensolen Walker David Kuster, The Colmar National Meeting

Initially, the 8th edition of the Colmar meeting was to offer four events bearing the National label, starting with the men's 5000m walk, for the first time on the program of the most important meeting on the Alsace track. An initiative that was to allow the country's child, David Kuster, to perform at the Europe stadium for the first time in three years and thus honor his lifelong club, the Land of Colmar Athletics PCA.

As nothing ever goes as planned, the French international felt pain in the sole of the right foot last weekend, which pushed him to undergo an MRI, the result of which will be known today. If the injury does not seem very serious, according to the person concerned, it still encourages him to be very careful. At the same time, the 19-year-old Widensolien made Junior Worlds - 10-15 July in Tampere, Finland, the big goal of his season. Result of the races: the 5000m walk was withdrawn from the program, especially as the organizers were having all the trouble in the world to gather enough fighters around David Kuster for the event to justify its label National.

<The budget from 25,000 to 30,000 euros.>

Did the Colmar meeting lose interest? Not. The overall budget for the event - between 25,000 and 30,000 euros, says PCA president Christian Mary - alone sums up the efforts made to make this competition an actual high-level event. To this must be added the reinforcement of Florian Rothenmacher, inducted this year responsible for the plateau of national affairs. The Selestadian, who also attends the Normandy meetings in Mondeville indoors and Herouville outdoors, scheduled for next Thursday, made the Colmarian meeting benefit mostly from his address book.

The main innovation this year is the addition of a female triathlon, reduced size of the heptathlon - 100m hurdles, length, javelin, which the combiners are fond of preparing for the significant summer events. Switzerland’s 24-year-old Elodie Jakob, who has sacked at Colmar for two years, will headline the show with a record of 5803 points in 2015. By his side, seven other specialists, including the Strasbourg resident Cecile Robert Ibal, the 20-year-old Parisian Cassandre Aguessy Thomas EFCVO, and above all, a Czech trio led by the promising Anna Kerbachova who, with 5527 points at 18, embodies the future of European heptathlon partly. "This triathlon will serve as a sort of common thread for the meeting, rejoices Florian Rothenmacher.

<Some meeting records in danger.>

Another National event, the male javelin, which will launch the meeting at 4.30 pm Between the South African Phil-Mar Van Rensburg and the Poles Lukasz Grzeszczuk and Kacper Oleszczuk, here are three boys who have a record beyond 80 meters. Suffice to say that the podium may already be known and that the meeting record 75.66 m can only expect. That of the women's 400 m hurdles 57’21 also The last certified event of the day; the obstacle course will bring together among others the American Kaila Barber 55’’53 and a duo of Ukrainians worn by Viktoriya Tkachuk 55’’32.

The best news in all of this is that coaching shouldn't be ashamed of the comparison. We think in particular of the men's triple jump, where the Latvian Elvijs Misans indoor record at 17.02 m confirmed his presence yesterday, or the 400 m hurdles, where the Franco-Jamaican duel between Mickael Francois and Romel Lewis will be worth the detour.

What about the Alsatians? They will, of course, constitute the central part of the contingent and were reinforced yesterday by the registration of the international brumathois hope Baptiste Mischler UB, who will come to work his speed over 400 m, in the middle of a big week of training, Given his next 1500m on June 16 in Marseille, Enough to partially erase the absence of the unfortunate David Kuster.

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