Descended As A Sentinel Shortly After Half An Hour Of Play

Descended as a sentinel shortly after half an hour of play, the midfielder Youssouf Fofana applied to the letter the exclusively defensive instructions that had given to him: as a good watchdog, he often barred Monegasques access to the surface of the Racing.

Descended As A Sentinel Shortly After Half An Hour Of Play

Young people sometimes have expressions that are impenetrable and incomprehensible to other generations - older, of course - but which nonetheless trigger hilarity in assistance when they spontaneously released during a conversation. Saturday in the corridors of the Louis II stadium, to the question What were your instructions after your repositioning in sentry? Rake as many balloons as possible? The international hopes replied without an ounce of hesitation. My instructions? He was a scrap dog! 

Information taken, we learn - but we had more or less understood the substantive marrow - that the formula, borrowed from the language of the street, means this: Hungry and snarling like a car keeper dog. 

In the locker room, we were happy with the classification.

With his teammates, Youssouf Fofana has somewhat successfully broken the century in Monaco for the 2nd consecutive year. After the loud 5-1 of January 19, 2019, the Strasbourg people signed the day before yesterday to Louis II a 3-1 if not as brilliant, at least intelligently mastered. Last year we played the same way, being effective against it. We even had a little more success. We could do anything, it worked! There, I hope this 3-1 victory in Monaco marks the beginning of something. 

It marks, in any case, the entry of Racing in the Top 10 of Ligue 1 for the first time of the season, only three months after bringing Marseille the red lantern on October 20 - 2-0 defeat. A Velodrome where he will return this Wednesday 9:05 p.m in the round of 16 of the French Cup. The coach told us that the Monegasques were going to start strong because they wanted to move up the rankings, reveals the Bleu des Bleuets, We had trouble entering the match, but they didn't hurt us.  They didn’t have any real actions. Then we knew how to be effective. In the locker room, we took a look at the classification. We were happy. Also happy to resume victory in the championship, especially against Monaco and especially away. We will try to stay the course next weekend Saturday at 8 p.m. at La Meinau against Lille. It’s always fun. But if we want to finish in the Top 10, we will have to tear everything out during the second half of the season. 

In the good scrappy dog, the midfielder has already made a point of tearing everything off on the Rock. Replaced as a sentinel after the 34th replacement for a Lamine Kone injured in the left quadriceps four minutes earlier and unavailable for two to three weeks, he bit Monegasque calves. The coach had warned us that we were going to change the system during the match. But it happened quite early. We were able to adapt. Our priority was defensive because a draw here would have been great. We went for the victory, and that's great. 

(Youss) still needed a little adaptation time to find the right fuel for a job he hadn’t been in for nearly two months. I hadn't played sentry since Brest where it hadn't gone very well Editor's note: Racing had sunk there 5-0 on December 3, he recalls correctly, marked by the sinking in the Finistere. I had to get my bearings. This match gave me confidence. I touched the ball a lot every time I pulled it out. We alternated short game, long game. I tried to stay in place, cut the actions when necessary, not to be too high, to be the first wall, what! 

A wall which, matches passing 30 in L1 at 21 years old, continues its quest for maturity.

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