Even If It Did Not Gather A Lot Of People, The FC Mulhouse Ascension Meeting Had

Even if it did not gather a lot of people, the FC Mulhouse Ascension meeting had its peak performance yesterday at the same time as a more springtime climate had relocated above the Ill stadium. Ilies Tano, Theo Schaub - 200 m, and Augustin Bey length benefited well.

Even If It Did Not Gather A Lot Of People, The FC Mulhouse Ascension Meeting Had

And suddenly we went from fall to spring. In almost a quarter of a second, a corner of blue sky cleared up the Ill stadium, temperatures rose. And they so performed. The organizers of the Mulhouse Ascension meeting, the 4th open-air stage of the Atheo Athlé Tour AAT circuit, asked only that and, of course, the athletes too.

The results of the men's sprint speak for themselves. At 4:40 p.m., Ilies Tano, whose presence not necessarily expected on Thursday, thus won the 100m in a modest for him! A lap time of 11''00 all round, in light rain, facing the wind / -1.8 m / s. At a temperature of 10 ° C. Two hours later, the Reichstettois from the Entente Franconville Cesame Val d'Oise took off for 200 m on an almost dry track, and this time carried by a barely regular wind / +2.0 m / s. Winner in - 21''21, the vice-champion of France Elite in the indoor area approached five-hundredths of his new personal best, established last Sunday during the 1st round of interclub in Franconville / vt: +1.8 m / s. What smiles at him.

<The French team in the crosshairs>

I expected better, but given the conditions when I got there; it's not bad, said the former nugget of ASPTT Strasbourg. I lived the same race as the interclub. I missed someone next to me to pull me out a bit. Suddenly, I crack in the end. But as I am coming out of two heavy weeks of an internship between Malaga and the Var, it is understandable. These times are in line with my beautiful winter season. 

His peak forms scheduled for the meeting in Oordegem Belgium on May 26; we can expect to see the Alsatian sprinter descend quickly within 21 seconds. In which case, a selection for the U23 Mediterranean Games June 9-10 in Jeloso, Italy, cannot exclude. That is the goal anyway, he confirms.

The French team also Being discussed for Theo Schaub but among the juniors this time. Close to catching Ilies Tano at the end of the 200m, the 18-year-old Illzachois confirmed his excellent dispositions of the moment by breaking his personal best by four-tenths 21’43.

Pre-selected with the Bleuets 4x100m relay for the U20 Worlds July 10-15 in Tampere, Finland, Gilbert Ammann's student once again scored points and got closer to his goal of being among the six torchbearers selected in the blue jersey this summer.

<Bey jumps to 7.69 m>

It's a shame to have missed my start; I would have liked to be a little closer to Ilies at the end of the corner, said AC sprint sprinter Illzach-Kingersheim, who will pass his bac S in a month. But I am thrilled with my time. Last year, I did 21'48 here, but with a bit too favorable wind / +2.1 m / s. There, it barely passes to approve the lap time / +2.0 m / s. So much, the better. It catches up a little with my 100 m - 11’’08. Anyway, it's weird to beat my half-second record in my second race of the season. I hope I haven't reached my peak yet laughs! 

In parallel to this promising 200m, another boy made the powder talk on the track at the Ill stadium, but this time on the long necklace. And Augustin Bey A2M did not make the trip to Metz for anything. In an enclosure he likes, but where his record jump to 7.85 m had not approved due to the wind / +2.1 m / s a little less than a year ago, the Sarrebourgeois 22-year-old yesterday brought his best performance of the year to 7.69 m / vt: +0.5 m / s. A mark of level N2, which allows him to pocket the bonus of 500 euros promised by the League of the Grand Est to the winner of this contest stamped AAT.

After my 7.26 m in interclub on Sunday, it is a perf that reassures me, smiles the Lorrain. It also confirms that Mulhouse is doing well for me. I promise I will come back next year! We hope that the sun too, and from the start of the meeting if possible.

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