Replacing In Lyon During The First Half Of The Season, Ciprian Tatarusanu Came Back

Replacing in Lyon during the first half of the season, Ciprian Tatarusanu came back into the light in the absence of Anthony Lopes: the Romanian goalkeeper continues his third consecutive match, Thursday in Nice in the knockout stages of the French Cup 20.55.

Replacing In Lyon During The First Half Of The Season, Ciprian Tatarusanu Came Back

Tata was decisive against Lille in the Coupe of la Ligue 2-2, 4-3, tab on January 21, deflecting Jonathan Bamba's attempt at the start of the penalty shootout, concluded on a ball outside the frame of Renato Sanches.

Then, taking advantage of a Lopes injury to a shoulder, he went on with the big victory in Ligue 1 against Toulouse, without making a goal 3-0.

It is not easy to stay on the bench, but when I had the opportunity, I think I have proven my worth, said the former Nantes goalkeeper when he had to wait until December 18 to complete his first match with OL, against Toulouse in the Coupe of la Ligue 4-1.

Holder of the title, the experienced doorman 33, is expected to be the OL goalkeeper in the final at the Stadium of France on April 4 against Paris Saint-Germain.

But in the meantime, if he is again a holder in the Lyon cage in the French Cup Thursday in Nice, it is primarily to compensate for the injury package of Anthony Lopes, the club's N.1 goalkeeper.

I don't plan on leaving this winter.

This situation seems complicated for the ex-doorman of Fiorentina 2014-2017, who arrived free from Nantes in June, while negotiations for the extension of Lopes' contract dragged on. And the speech made to the Romanian international 68 selections to convince him to sign in Lyon does not seem to have been clear, causing some discomfort.

No one told me I would be number two. I wouldn't have come if I had said that, said Tatarusanu in July. I came to play, and after that, the coach will decide to the point that his departure was mentioned several times before even the end of the summer, during the autumn and again in January. I do not plan to leave this winter, he said, however, on January 6 at a press conference.

They promised him that Lopes would leave and that he would be the team's No. 1. Lopes has not moved, and Tatarusanu finds himself in an ungrateful position, lamented Cosmin Contra, who was Romania's coach this fall, before resigning in late November.

Since then, the indisputable Lopes have extended for at least three years, and his salary aligned with the most important of the workforce. For his part, the Brazilian coach Sylvinho was replaced at the beginning of October by Rudi Garcia on the OL bench, without the situation of the Romanian goalkeeper evolving against the Franco-Portuguese doorman, the idol of the ultra groups with which he is close.

It's okay not to be happy when you're not playing, said the Romanian. It’s a little weird for me, but it’s not a tragedy. I am not alone in this case. I do everything to play by training properly. The hardest part is staying on the bench because it hurts my back, he joked.

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