The Ostheimer Lsaak Umbdenstock, Loaned By FC Sochaux To ASM Belfort Just Two Weeks Ago

The Ostheimer Isaak Umbdenstock, loaned by FC Sochaux to ASM Belfort just two weeks ago, was launched from the deep end on Tuesday in the knockout stages of the French Cup where he shone in the role of sentry until the immense feat of eliminating the great Montpellier 0-0, 5-4 tab.

The Ostheimer Lsaak Umbdenstock, Loaned By FC Sochaux To ASM Belfort Just Two Weeks Ago

We have seen a worse way to start a loan in a club. Just sold for six months to ASM Belfort N2, Alsacian midfielder FC Sochaux League 2, Isaak Umbdenstock, was established in the Coupe of France on Tuesday evening at the Serzian stadium, and actively participated in the feat of qualifying for the quarter-finals at the expense of Montpellier, current 4th in League 1 0-0, 5-4 tab.

The 20-year-old Ostheimer, who has given up his place at the start of the extensions, has experienced an express integration which he will not soon forget and which should count when he is only at very early in his professional career. The former SR Colmar kitty, an unconditional fan of the Racing Club of Strasbourg whom he followed assiduously at the Meinau at the time Niang - Pagis, nevertheless keeps his head on his shoulders and is already planning his first match of National 2, Saturday 5 p.m in Haguenau, a direct competitor to Belfort for the maintenance. Interview.

Isaak, tell us about this crazy evening.

It was my very first game with Belfort, and it starts with a baptism against a League 1 club. It's already a pretty incredible story. Then it was a real cup match: we suffered, knew how to keep our backs and especially not to take a goal, show things too, create opportunities, then hold out until the penalty shootout. She smiled at us because we weren't afraid. It’s pretty fabulous.

Could you imagine a better start?

FC Sochaux lent me on January 14 at ASM Belfort until the end of the season, but I was unfortunately not qualified to play the last 16 against Nancy L2 on 18. I was very disappointed not to participate in this match. But my teammates did a first feat (3-1), which allowed me to live yesterday evening Tuesday. For us, this match against Montpellier was just a bonus, and that's how I approached it too, without pressure. It was a League 1 opposite. We had nothing to lose.

I took this tenure as a reward and a mark of trust.

Were you surprised to be tenured?

I learned it like everyone else from the chat, and obviously, I was thrilled. I had given everything in training since my arrival to win my place. So, I took this tenure as a reward and a sign of confidence.

How did this express integration in the group go?

Very good. I arrived in a team where there was already an atmosphere of madness. Coach Anthony Hacquard called me to tell me he was counting on me. And then, Belfort, it's really near Sochaux, it's like I'm staying at home. Integration took place naturally. I knew Maxime Loichot very well, who was at the Sochaux training centre with me, he is a friend. He arrived at the ASMB last summer, and it is he who scores the winning shot on goal against Montpellier, it's a great story too. He didn't shake; it's beautiful. I'm super happy for him. It must be an incredible emotion when it happens to you.

You, therefore, have the distinction of having been eliminated by a National 2 club with Sochaux 2-0 at Epinal last November 18 and ending up in the quarterfinals with another N2 club during the same edition of the French Cup.

Yes, and I was even the holder during this elimination against Epinal, it is a terrible memory. So, to find myself there with Belfort now, I tell myself that this is a sign. What is happening to me is quite extraordinary.

We couldn't party a lot of our players were working today.

As we know how to party at ASM Belfort, the post-match must have been crazy, right?

Well, already, there was this invasion of the field after the last shot on goal, it was quite funny to live. I enjoyed a moment with mine; my whole family was there, it was beautiful. Then we ended up in the locker room; we made the war cry, we sang, it was fabulous as emotions. We didn't enjoy it at the time, but we couldn't party afterwards, many of our players were working today. In training, it was a day of rest. We will, therefore, be quietly meeting tomorrow to take care and gently prepare for Saturday's game 5 p.m in Haguenau.

Is this match coming too fast?

It is certain that with the euphoria, the return to the championship looks difficult. We're only 9th in the standings; we need points. I will discover the National 2 on this occasion. We will soon have to come back down to earth. The coach will remind us that we are facing a direct competitor for maintenance. Afterwards, this epic section can also serve us because we can hardly be more confident than we currently are. We will try to play free, with the same impact and the same desire as against Montpellier. We need to bring something back from Haguenau; there is no choice.

What can we wish you for the quarter-finals?

The envy of all players is to offer a gala match to all Belfortains, so to receive Marseille or Paris SG Note: the interview took place before the games on Wednesday evening. If that's the case, we'll probably be playing at the Bonal stadium, which would be a great story. Playing on the field of the club with which I am in a contract with the Belfort jersey on the back, it would be unique.

Was it not difficult to leave FC Sochaux and League 2 temporarily to move two notches down?

No, I had a good chat with coach Omar Daf, and I agreed to loan. It blocked for me in League 2, I was aware of it, I understood and accepted it. Without disrespecting National 3, I needed a level above that of our team to continue my progression. I took it as an opportunity. I am thrilled to be in Belfort; it is, for me a chance, not a punishment. I’m a professional player, and I have a contract until 2022. I’m going to be 21 in two weeks. I just have to play.

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