The Pulversheim Mines Stadium Will Host The 1st Round Of Interclub Ttomorrow With Stakes

The Pulversheim Mines Stadium will host the 1st round of interclub tomorrow with stakes that are quite limited before the 2nd round in a fortnight. The show will be no less, with more than 500 athletes on the starting line and the presence of the five best Alsatian clubs in the same place—a first since 2013.

The Pulversheim Mines Stadium Will Host The 1st Round Of Interclub Ttomorrow With Stakes

Opportunities to get excited about athletics have unfortunately become rather rare in Digital Sports News, the fault of not always adequate or nonexistent infrastructure and a glaring lack of financial support, public and private.

All the more reason to salute the big meeting planned for tomorrow in Pulversheim, which will allow the Stade des Mines to reconnect with its glorious past. The one that the under the 50s - minimum! - cannot know when the famous Pulversheim ash, then its synthetic track, hosted in the 60s and 70s international matches and club rounds bringing together the best clubs in France, of which US Pulversheim was then apart.

An excellent range of internationals.

The interclub, it again questions this weekend, with the 1st national tour, which will bring together the five significant formations of Digital Sports News in the same place for the first time since 2013. At the time, the meeting had the Hautepierre stadium in Strasbourg, and the party was total.

This Sunday, under a bright announced sun, the Pays of Colmar Athle division N1A, the Strasbourg Agglomeration Athle and News North Athle N1B, the High Agreement Digital Sports News N2A and the Agreement Grand Mulhouse Athle N2C will be there again, along with Dijon UC N1A, Montbeliard Belfort Athle N1B, and Doubs Sud Athle N1B. Some 800 people in total, including a large number of international athletes, which forced the organizing team to a colossal logistical effort.

In the 60s and 70s, the mines were putting a lot of money into athletics, puts in perspective Jean-Jacques Schroeter, the kingpin of the USPA for 60 years and again on the warpath this weekend. We installed removable stands along the straight line; we welcomed more than 300 spectators, there was a show. This 1st round of interclub will allow us to reconnect with this golden age for the first time in more than 30 years. It's great!

After Michel Jazy, Olympic medalist in 1500 m in 1960, and other Claude Piquemal, European champion in 100 m in 1962 and double Olympic bronze medalist in 4x100 m - 1964 and 1968), gives way to a new generation of internationals, certainly not - yet? - honored at such a level on the planetary stage, but all the same. Tomorrow, in Pulversheim, we will see beautiful specimens at work, such as the Franc-Comtoises Aurelie Chaboudez and Ophelie Claude-Boxberger MBA or the Burgundians Fabien Palcau and Alexis Miellet DUC.

A mix of generations.

Alsatian side? The gratin will be there almost entirely. The only ones absent from the mark: PCA walker David Kuster, who is very apologetic since he is participating today in the world championships for walking teams in Taicang China, his friend wantzenauvien Florian Mayer ANA, touched at the start of the week in adductors, Baptiste Mischler, licensed at Unitas Brumath and therefore on the track this Saturday during regional interclub in Strasbourg-Rotonde, or even the half-founder Sofiane Selmouni, still not fixed on his fate after his three location faults in less one year no-show in front of the French Anti-Doping Agency. The Mulhousian will nevertheless be present to support his EGMA teammates.

For the rest, we will be delighted to see in the same day and the same point the flagships of Alsatian athletics that are Brigitte Ntiamoah EGMA, 2016 European vice-champion of the 4x400 m, Mohamed-Amine El Bouajaji S2A and Maxime Hueber Moosbrugger ANA, European youth cross-team champions, Jeremy Nicollin, two selections for the French javelin team, not to mention the emerging talents who are just waiting to be confirmed - Remi Conroy EHA, Max Sirguey EGMA, Maxime Makowka PCA, Yanis Alves S2A, past glories - Blandine Ducret-Bitzner S2A - and a certain number of foreign reinforcements.

Enough to rekindle the cl interclub spirit that has thrilled Pulversheim so much in the past? On paper, the answer is yes, a thousand times, yes.

The Performance

French Club Championship - 1st round of Grand Est - Bourgogne-Franche-Comté brewing, Sunday 6 May at the Stade des Mines in Pulversheim. 10:30 a.m, Opening of the call room and team drop-off. 11:20 am start of the tests—5.15 p.m, the announcement of the results. Free entry. Bar and snacks on site.

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