Bacasso Minte Expects To Have A Job Facing The Interiors Of A Saint-Vallier Team

Bacasso Minte expects to have a job facing the interiors of a Saint-Vallier team aiming for Pro B tonight at 8 p.m at the Sports Palace, where the Mulhouse Pfastatt BA players will try to win a third rank victory.

Bacasso Minte Expects To Have A Job Facing The Interiors Of A Saint-Vallier Team

Bacasso Minté is a conscientious and far-sighted man. When he realized that Mulhouse Pfastatt BA would advance to N1, he figured he needed to take the lead and prepare the ground well before training resumed in early August. He watched a few matches and interviewed several players to get a first impression of this level of competition, and enlisted the services of a sports coach in the person of Matt Gamberoni. I decided not to go on vacation. I had to negotiate with my wife: luckily for me, she was understanding, the person concerned has fun. I have prepared for the new season. I especially didn't want to be caught off guard when the championship kicked off. 

Needless to say that the 2.04 m for 108 kg interior was sharp when it came time to return to the Sports Palace. And over-motivated at the idea of not reliving the misadventure that was his in 2018-2019: victim of a crack in patellar cartilage following a shock during a preparation match, he missed the very first half of the championship. I had never been away from the field for so long, said the native of Nantes, marked by these few months of forced inactivity. Today, I feel good. Physically but also mentally. I have more faith in myself and my abilities.

And since he knew what to expect, he wasn't surprised in the opening matches. The N1 is very physical, as my pal Tommy Ghezala told me over and over again. Some interiors, in particular, are challenging, and I have a lot of work to do! 

We are not afraid.

A player off the bench, Bacasso Minte, does not have much playing time but puts himself at the service of the team each time, bringing intensity and toughness in defence. My mindset is always the same, whether I spend 30 minutes or 30 seconds on the pitch.

He, therefore, intends to make his contribution, one way or another, this evening at 8 p.m at the Sports Palace opposite Saint-Vallier. The Drome team is once again aiming for Pro B and has assembled a squad capable of achieving this goal, made up of experienced and successful players in all positions. As Jean-Luc Monschau, the coach of Mulhouse Pfastatt BA, remarks, she has not much to be ashamed of for the moment, with four wins and two losses, one point after extra time against Chartres, relegated from Pro B 96-97, and eight points to Rueil having cracked in the last two minutes of the match 92-84. Saint-Vallier is one of the giant armadas of the N1. But we are not afraid because we have proven by beating Pont-de-Cheruy that we can hit the best. We are going to go into warrior mode from the in-between, continues Bacasso Minté.

The adopted Alsatian does not want to miss the boat during this fourth outing at home while his team let the victory slip away last Saturday at Orchies, where it sorely lacked skill, especially at three points and throws francs 86-62. I don't have an explanation. Sometimes nothing fits and nothing works, that's how it is, he sums up. Either way, we were hungry for more. We want to recover against Saint-Vallier. Make way for action.

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