The Minister Of Sports Roxana Maracineanu Was On Saturday Morning In Berrwiller

The Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, was on Saturday morning in Berrwiller to inaugurate the facilities of the sports area and the clubhouse. A large crowd attended the event, including footballers and basketball players from the village's impressive sports contingent.

The Minister Of Sports Roxana Maracineanu Was On Saturday Morning In Berrwiller

There was a crowd on Saturday morning in Berrwiller, where the village received a distinguished guest in the person of the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu. The latter was passing through the town to inaugurate the Plaine Sportif facilities, which include several football fields, including one made of synthetic turf, as well as a clubhouse. A large crowd attended this particular visit, which began in the middle of the morning at the village sports hall, where the young shoots of the Berrwiller-Staffelfelden Basket-club (BCBS) carried out their training.

Welcomed by elected officials and club officials for this small informal meeting, Roxana Maracineanu sat down in the stands to watch training for a few minutes. She then went to meet the players of this atypical club, which currently has 16 teams, mainly women, and 230 licensees. During a few discussions with the players and members of the management, followed by numerous souvenir photos, the religious procession left the scene to take the direction of the Vieil-Armand stadium.

A sign produced by the village boilermakers

A considerable crowd awaited him there too on the spot, made up for a good part of the players and the management of the local football club, the ASBH (Association sportive Berrwiller-Hartmannswiller), but also of parents, elected officials and 'inhabitants. Roxana Maracineanu receives by the happy group of village conscripts, who had prepared a little song for her for the occasion. She then proceeded with the traditional ribbon cut, thus officially inaugurating this sports complex, which has developed over several years.

The Minister then went to meet the crowd, shaking many hands and graciously lending herself to the photos and selfies requested here and there. The opportunity to get to know the players and the management of ASBH, which has 25 teams and 470 licensees. The Stade of Vieil-Armand sign, produced by the village boilermakers, was subsequently unveiled, before a quick tour of the clubhouse, followed by the usual speeches.

On this occasion, Bernard Stocker, president of the football club, gave a brief history of the club, which was born in 1965, and which then had only about forty members. The President also recalled the remarkable achievements of his players, thanking all those players, volunteers and parents, who are involved in transmitting the values of respect and citizenship.

The Minister Of Sports Roxana Maracineanu Was On Saturday Morning In Berrwiller

A synthetic turf pitch

The facilities of the Sports Area, inaugurated yesterday by Roxana Maracineanu, have different infrastructures: a field of honour with a grandstand, a lot equipped with lighting for training and night matches, a seven-a-side football field, a grass pitch synthetic, and a clubhouse equipped with solar panels and meeting the BBC standard.

The latter includes six changing rooms, referees changing rooms, an infirmary, premises for managers, for training young people and for conviviality. The renovation of this building, the work of which started last year, cost 1.3 million euros. Like the synthetic pitch, it has benefited from aid from the State, the Grand Est Region, the Department, the Football League and the ASBH. The artificial pitch, completed in 2016, cost € 672,000.

Functional infrastructures at the service of a club of excellence

The mayor of Berrwiller, Fabian Jordan, then took the floor to underline the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity which reigns in the village and which materializes in particular during the Citizens' Days. Today we are inaugurating functional infrastructures at the service of a club of excellence, he said, recalling that over the past ten years, the town has devoted 55% of its investment budget to sport and in community life, i.e. 3.72 million euros.

Fabian Jordan also underlined that the municipality would soon submit a file to awarded the label Active and sporting life, which rewards and promotes initiatives, actions, coherent sports policies and the promotion of physical activities in a territory.

The last word went to Roxana Maracineanu, who underlined the unwavering ties between her and Alsace. Berrwiller is a perfect example of the investment of the inhabitants in the associative fabric, she added, seeing in the facilities inaugurated that day a virtuous model that combines sport and sustainable development. The sports minister also listed the various state-level projects to promote sports, the goal being to reach three million additional practitioners by 2022.

The morning ended with a moment of discussion. Roxana Maracineanu, thus presented with an ASBH jersey, flocked to her name, as well as a basket of local products.

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